The Hartwell Foundation


Woodland Presbyterian School

Woodland Presbyterian School was founded in 1956 and is a co-educational K-8 school located in Memphis, Tennessee. Woodland seeks to promote academic excellence, spiritual development, social responsibility and a positive self-concept. The school's curriculum is designed to foster both independent and collaborative thinking skills while building strong self-esteem and good citizenship. Every area of education, from math, science, literature, art, music and even health and athletics, is a planned progression that combines knowledge, consideration, teamwork and an awareness of that subjectís support in todayís world. Students are prepared for higher education by providing them with the knowledge that will let each student reach his or her own individual potential. Woodland remains true to its core passion: identifying and bringing out the best in children.

The Hartwell Foundation provides student scholarships to Woodland school that enable many children an opportunity to embark upon a promising academic pathway.