The Hartwell Foundation


George Trautman Scholarship at Avon Old Farms School

The Hartwell Foundation will provide a three year scholarship to a student who is a citizen of the United States, academically qualified and in full financial need to attend Avon Old Farms School, a boys' boarding school located in Avon, CT. To be called the George Trautman Scholarship, the award will be made each year. The scholarship is intended as a life changing opportunity for each recipient. One boy will be sponsored each year, so that eventually, The Hartwell Foundation will be sponsoring one student in 10th grade, one student in the11th grade and one student in the 12th grade each year.  

Avon Old Farms School strives to be the best school for boys; cultivating young men of integrity who honor wisdom, justice, service, and the pursuit of truth. It promotes intellectual, creative, and emotional growth in students by providing a structured, supportive learning environment, which encourages self-discovery and social responsibility.

George Trautman spent 28 years as Headmaster of Avon Old Farms School, retiring in June of 1998. He is credited with significantly bolstering the school's academic and arts programs. Among his many accomplishments were increasing the enrollment from 150 to 365 students, developing the athletic program, improving the campus, and building an endowment. He has been an Honorary Director of the school since his retirement in 1998.

Avon Old Farms was founded in 1927 by architect and philanthropist Theodate Pope Riddle, who designed and supervised construction. The school challenges each boy to “stretch themselves and to explore untapped potential in their journey to manhood” while also emphasizing scholarship, integrity, civility, tolerance, altruism, sportsmanship, responsibility, and self-discipline. Avon Old Farms combines the vision of Ms. Riddle embodied by the Arts and Crafts Movement with the ideals of the old New England farm.

The Avon Old Farms campus lies on 1000 acres of rolling woodland with the Farmington River to the east and picturesque Beaver Pond laying just a short walk south.  Student enrollment in grades 9-12, including postgraduates, has grown from 48 students in 1927 to currently, more than 400.





Color along the Farmington River, October 2010 (graciously provided by Andrew Bennett)