The Hartwell Foundation


Memphis University School

Hartwell Scholarship Provides Three Years of Support

Memphis, TN April 2013 - The Hartwell Foundation established a special tuition-based scholarship to provide three-years of financial support to four outstanding, rising 10th grade boys at the Memphis University School (MUS) college-preparatory school for boys. The Hartwell Scholarship will be awarded each year for up to four students who are citizens of the United States, academically qualified and who demonstrate financial need. Ultimately, The Hartwell Foundation seeks to sponsor four 10th, 11th and 12th grade students each year.

Memphis University School (MUS) is a college-preparatory school for boys situated on 94 acres of wooded property in East Memphis. The school is dedicated to academic excellence and to the development of well-rounded young men of strong moral character, consistent with the school's Christian tradition. Non-denominational and non-sectarian, MUS seeks to foster an appreciation of the spiritual nature of man and honors the sincere expression of widely differing faiths. Emphasis is given to the creation of an atmosphere where students of differing races and faiths can grow in mutual understanding and respect. Religious, racial, and ethnic derision is not tolerated.

The original MUS was founded in 1893 and closed in 1936 during the Great Depression. The present MUS was chartered in 1954 as a traditional school whose concerns for academic literacy and strong character development rest on the bedrock of traditional values --- courage, perseverance, civility, honesty, industry, self-restraint, generosity and responsibility.

At MUS, boys find a rigorous academic program, small classes with individual attention, freedom within the constraints of the Honor Code, peer pressure to do their best, extra-curricular activities with opportunities for leadership, a niche in which they can exercise individual gifts, and a sense of belonging within a fellowship of common purpose. For the last five years, the average percentage of MUS graduates receiving recognition from the National Merit Scholarship Corporation has been approximately 28 percent.

The MUS Honor Code extols the virtues of honor and integrity that ultimately become a way of life for the students. This system helps enrich spiritual lives, forge relationships, and develop young men of integrity as students gain the trust of fellow students, faculty, and the communities of which they are a part.

The core of the MUS Honor System is the Oath of Honor that students and faculty pledge at the beginning of each school year: We, the students and faculty at Memphis University School, hereby pledge our full support to the Honor System. I pledge to be honest myself, and in order that the spirit and integrity of the Honor System may endure, I pledge that I will make known to the Honor Council any case of dishonesty which I may observe at MUS.

The MUS Oath of Honor is an ideal tool for teaching young men to exalt truth for its own sake and to acknowledge consequences for ignoring it. Working within the Honor System promotes and maintains a sense of integrity between students and faculty.