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Biomedical Research Collaboration Awards

The Hartwell Foundation seeks to inspire innovation and achievement by offering Hartwell Investigators who have completed at least two years of funding to expand the frontiers of early-stage, innovative, and cutting-edge applied biomedical research through special or unusual collaboration..

Eligibility for a Hartwell Biomedical Research Collaboration Award will be limited to current or former Hartwell Investigators who the Foundation has previously funded. All collaborating researchers submitting for the Award should be citizens of the United States, must hold a full-time appointment in the sponsoring institution, and must be eligible to serve as a principal investigator in biomedical research. The Collaboration Award will provide only the direct cost of research for up to three years and all expenses must be justified on a zero base. The Foundation expects to fund no more than two such awards each year.

The Foundation will evaluate proposals submitted for a Biomedical Research Collaboration Award through consideration of responses to both technical and non-technical requests for information. The Foundation will only consider funding proposals in applied biomedical research that reflect promise, have an unusual advantage accrued by the proposed collaboration, and that have a particular relevance in terms of potential benefit to children of the United States.

Interested Hartwell Investigators who qualify for this Award may contact the President of The Hartwell Foundation for further information and to discuss consideration.

Hartwell Collaborators (L-to R) Andrew Pieper, MD, Ph.D., University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Hartwell Class of 2006; Charles Glatt, MD, Ph.D., and Anjali Rajadhyaksha, Ph.D., both of Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University, Hartwell Class of 2007.


Biomedical Research Collaboration Awards

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