The Hartwell Foundation



The purpose of The Hartwell Foundation is to inspire innovation and achievement in all programs we support. Philanthropy is a serious responsibility. Our approach is to be unique, selective, thorough and accountable. We insist that recipients utilize funds efficiently and responsibly. We provide an opportunity for those we support to make a difference and to realize their hopes and dreams.

Primary Mission

The Primary Mission of The Hartwell Foundation is to grant awards to individuals for innovative and cutting-edge biomedical applied research that will potentially benefit children. The individuals and children should be citizens of the United States. The general aim is to provide funds for early stage research projects that have not yet qualified for funding from traditional sources. The Primary Mission of the Foundation is led by the President.

Additional Missions

Additional Missions include special projects that will directly benefit the health and well-being of children of the United States. The Additional Missions are led by the Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation. All of the Missions of the Foundation are of equal importance.