The Hartwell Foundation


Individual Biomedical Research Awards

The Hartwell Foundation provides funding to individual researchers at eligible research institutions in the United States. The Individual Biomedical Research Awards offer each Hartwell Investigator support for three years at $100,000 direct cost per year.

Each year The Hartwell Foundation announces its Top Ten Centers of Biomedical Research, inviting each center to participate in nominating three individuals for a Hartwell Individual Biomedical Research Award. From time-to-time, the Foundation may also invite institutions at-large for limited participation in nominating two individuals for the Award. Through a unique and selective funding process, The Hartwell Foundation seeks to inspire innovation and achievement by funding early-stage, transformative biomedical research with the potential to benefit children of the United States. It seeks to fund innovative and cutting-edge applied research that has not yet qualified for funding from traditional outside sources.

Each participating institution in the Hartwell process agrees to identify Nominees by holding an open internal competition of their own design that meets Foundation guidelines. Nominees must be chosen from faculty and research staff drawn from appropriate areas of basic and applied life sciences, including engineering focused on biomedical applications.

As part of the evaluation process, all Nominees submit a formal proposal to the Foundation. A limited number of Nominees will be subsequently invited for a personal, closed interview at the Foundation offices in Memphis, TN. Nominees will be selected for interviews based upon the compelling nature of their research proposal describing innovative, early-stage, cutting-edge biomedical research with the potential to benefit children of the United States. At the interview each candidate will make a concise presentation describing their proposed research.

From the nominees considered in interviews, the Foundation will select at least ten of the most outstanding candidates to receive a Hartwell Individual Biomedical Research Award, which will be funded in April of the following year.

A unique feature of the Individual Biomedical Research Award is that each Hartwell Investigator receives a video conferencing system to enhance communication with the Foundation and encourage collaboration between other researchers.

All Hartwell Investigators attend the Foundation's Annual Meeting Biomedical Research to present their research results. The annual meeting is typically held the last week of September or the first week of October.

Only investigators nominated by the chief executive of an invited research institution are eligible for consideration for the Hartwell Individual Biomedical Research Award. Institutions that desire selection consideration should contact The Hartwell Foundation for further information.

2014 Hartwell Investigator Rachel Fearns, Ph.D., Boston University 2014 Hartwell Investigator Rachel Fearns, Ph.D., Boston University

2013 Hartwell Investigator Roberto Galán, Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University

2012 Hartwell Investigator Stephanie Eisenbarth, MD, Ph.D., Yale University

2011 Hartwell Investigator Neal Alto, Ph.D., University of Texas Southwestern Medical enter

2010 Hartwell Investigator Stacey Schultz-Cherry, Ph.D., St Jude Children's Research Hospital

2009 Hartwell Investigator Asim Beg, Ph.D., The University of Michigan

2008 Hartwell Investigator Sam Yang, Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University

2007 Hartwell Investigator John March, Ph.D., Cornell University

2006 Hartwell Investigator Gary Silverman, MD, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh