The Hartwell Foundation


Biomedical Research Fellowships

The Hartwell Foundation provides funding to US citizens for postdoctoral training in biomedical science at select, qualifying research institutions in the United States.  Hartwell Fellowships offer support for two years at $50,000 direct cost per year to support scientists in the early stages of their research careers by enabling them to pursue further specialized training as part of professional career development.

Qualifying institutions choose an individual to receive a Hartwell Fellowship, according to the following process. Each year The Hartwell Foundation announces its Top Ten Centers of Biomedical Research. Selected institutions hold an internal competition to nominate four principal investigators for a Hartwell Individual Biomedical Research Award that are eager to pursue early-stage, innovative, and cutting- edge biomedical research that that has the potential to benefit children but that has not yet qualified for significant funding from outside sources. Institutions that fully participate in the process to select Hartwell Investigators receive funding to support one Hartwell Fellow. Each institution is asked to designate a recipient that exemplifies the values of the Foundation.

It is the hope of The Hartwell Foundation that all Fellows will continue their research career as they complete their training and ascend to a permanent position in academia, industry or government service. Thus, with the goal of seeking that first entry-level position, it is not surprising when the opportunity presents itself that a Fellow may resign postdoctoral status to accept a job offer. While departure of a Hartwell Fellow before completion of the two-year term is never contemplated, circumstances and opportunity will prevail, potentially leaving a significant portion of Fellowship funding unused. In such a case, the sponsoring institution will designate a new Fellow within Hartwell guidelines, with no adjustment in additional funding provided by the Foundation.

At the conclusion of their postdoctoral training, Hartwell Fellows are asked to submit to The Hartwell Foundation a Summary of the Impact that the award had on their career goals.


2006 Hartwell Fellow Jennifer K. Lee, MD and 2006 Hartwell Investigator Kenneth M. Brady, MD, The Johns Hopkins University

2007 Hartwell Fellow Cynthia Grimsley-Myers, Ph.D. (seated) with mentor Xiaowei Lu, Ph.D., University of Virginia

2008 Hartwell Fellow Shauna McGillivray, Ph.D., with mentor Victor Nizet, MD, University of California, San Diego

2009 Hartwell Fellow Carlos Goller, Ph.D., with mentor (R) Patrick C. Seed, MD, Ph.D., Duke University

2010 Hartwell Fellow Lindsey Moser, Ph.D., with mentor Laura Knoll, Ph.D., The University of Wisconsin Madison

2011 Hartwell Fellow Maureen Lynch, Ph.D., with mentor Claudia Fischbach-Teschl, Ph.D., Cornell University

2012 Hartwell Fellow Emilyn Alejandro, Ph.D. and mentor Ernesto Bernai-Mizrachi, MD, The University of Michigan

2013 Hartwell Fellow Andrew Barnes, Ph.D. and mentor Jennell Vick, Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University